Texas Severe Winter Storm Disaster Declaration No. FEMA-4586-DR

Best Trash contracts are for normal amounts of residential waste and recycling collection. Our contracts do not include debris removal as a result of a natural disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has declared the winter storm we just experienced as a disaster. Therefore, the debris generated due to this disaster is not covered under the terms of the contract. This would include debris removal from inside of the house as a result of flooding from broken pipes. Additionally, any frozen landscape removed would also be excluded. Past disasters including hurricanes and floods debris removal have been covered by FEMA. Please check with your homeowners insurance carrier regarding reimbursement for your debris.

There are a few options to dispose of debris:

  1. The Bagster
  2. The Bull Bag
  3. Best Trash does have the ability to provide a special collection service for debris removal. For pricing, please email your address and pictures to customerservice@besttrashtexas.com to get a quote.