Protecting Our Waterways: How Fort Bend MUD 128 Residents Can Combat Stormwater Pollution

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 128 (FB MUD 128) wants residents to understand how stormwater runoff can carry harmful chemicals and substances into the environment and infrastructure and how residents can help protect the environment from its harmful effects.

Stormwater runoff is rainwater or melted snow that flows over land or impervious surfaces and is directed via development infrastructure to deposit into storm drains, drainage ditches, and/or directly into local waterways.

It can become harmful to the environment and District infrastructure when pollutants such as oil, grease, fertilizers, motor oil, detergents, trash, and other debris are introduced to the storm water system.

Common contaminants picked up by stormwater when passing through resident yards and structures include lawn clippings, leaves, pet waste, and/or household chemicals.

Blowing, sweeping, or disposing of grass clippings down the storm drain can be a violation of the District’s rate order and the federal Clean Water Act.

Residents can help protect the local environment and infrastructure downstream from the harmful effects of contaminates entering stormwater runoff by ensuring that storm drains are free from debris and pollutants.

If residents notice a blocked storm drain or see someone dumping pollutants near a storm drain, they should immediately contact their District operator, Si Environmental.

Watch this informational video produced by the Association of Water Board Directors to learn more: