Leak Adjustment Request Form

If you have experienced a plumbing leak during the recent freeze event that resulted in an increased water bill, and you would like to request a bill credit, please complete the Leak Adjustment Request Form below.  The utility district will consider your request and, if approved, a credit may be given for usage as determined by the utility district. Documentation and/or photos to support the presence of a leak and its repair are required for consideration.  Completing and submitting the form does not guarantee any adjustments to your water bill. The Board of Directors for your utility district will determine if any adjustment is made.

Click here to complete the Leak Adjustment Form located on the District’s Operator’s website (scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the online form).


According to the MUD operator, your water is still safe for consumption.

Your water supply is NOT subject to a boil-water requirement.

In the event circumstances change, we will notify affected residents immediately.

If your water pressure is low, you may have an internal issue with lines within your home or property.

New Payment Options for Your Water Bill

We are excited to announce new payment options for your convenience.

You can pay by credit card, debit card or eCheck.Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

Fort Bend County MUD 128 has teamed up with First Billing Services to provide more choices to our customers. Please review the information below for options available through First Billing Services:

  • Web payments: Log onto www.sienv.com and choose your district to access the online portal. You can register your account, OR pay as a guest!
  • Live agent assisted payments: call 1-855-270-3592.
  • Automated phone payments: Call the phone number listed on your next bill to use the new Integrated Voice Recognition system (IVR) and follow the prompts. This service is available 24/7.
  • Text & Pay: A new and exciting feature available to you! Register your account via the online portal to sign up for Text & Pay.
  • Automatic Monthly Payments: Log in online OR contact First Billing at 1-855-270-3592 to sign up for auto payments. You can select your payment method, pick your date, and the payment amount. Each month, you will receive emails confirming the payment was successful. If you are currently signed up for AUTO PAY, you will need to re-register with First Billing who will be providing this service going forward.

While you will be paying your bill to your water district; First Billing Services assesses a fee for each credit/debit card or e-check transaction, while using these convenient services. Fort Bend County MUD 128 nor SI Environmental, LLC receive any income from the convenience fees.

For more information or assistance with registration, call First Billing at 1-855-270-3592 or or visit www.sienv.com.