Mandatory Evacuation – Additional Information

ALL of Riverstone, including all areas in LID 19, LID 15, MUD 115, MUD 129, MUD 149, and MUD 128, are under mandatory evacuation orders.  Please leave as soon as possible, CHECK TRAFFIC REPORTS FOR HIGH WATER, and remember to take family, pets, and personal belongings.  Please visit the Ft. Bend Co. OEM page below for more information.

An official evacuation route has not yet been posted, but the County’s recommended route for Sienna is through LJ Parkway to University to 59.   Also, please take the time to plan your route based on the latest information on road closures.  Please visit Houston Transtar, TxDOT and Fort Bend County all of which have information on road closures.

As additional information becomes available, it will be posted here.

Mandatory Evacuation

All of Riverstone will be under a mandatory evacuation order. PLEASE STAY TUNED for more details from the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management, including information on recommended evacuation route. Additional information will also be posted here as it becomes available.

Riverstone Levee System

For Immediate Release
Sunday, August 27, 2017

Riverstone Levee System

Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 15
Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 19


According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the Brazos River in Fort Bend County is expected to crest (i.e., reach its highest point during this event) on Monday evening August 28, 2017.  The NWS forecast for the Brazos River at Richmond projects a crest at 56.1 feet, which projection would exceed the 2016 record of 54.7 feet.  The current projection would put the river approximately 3 feet below the top of the Districts’ levees.  This projection may increase or decrease based on the amount of rain that falls in the river basin over the next several days.   River level projections are regularly updated by the NWS, and the Districts will monitor those projections for changes. The Districts will provide further updates if conditions materially change during the remainder of the week. You can keep up with the latest river projections at Brazos River Richmond Gauge


At this time, there is no evacuation order for Riverstone.  Fort Bend County may order voluntary or mandatory evacuation for our residents based on changes in the river projections. Please monitor Fort Bend County’s EOM site for evacuation notifications.   Fort Bend Office of Emergency Management

This river and rain event are expected to test the limits of the Districts levee and drainage systems.  This is a serious situation and will require your continued vigilance through the remainder of the week. 

Please note that many roads in Fort Bend County may be impassable at river levels below these amounts, so plan accordingly.

While the River is elevated, residents within Riverstone should anticipate higher than normal water levels in the ponds and channels, as additional rain is anticipated for the remainder of this week.  Ponding water in the streets within Riverstone should also be anticipated and is normal part of the flood protection system inside the levee.